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Ignite on Wheels: Your Guide to Finding Discount Packages & Gift Certificates

Where to Find & Purchase Discount Packages & Gift Certificates

In this blog post, we'll walk you through the simple steps to find and apply these discount codes to ensure you make the most of your roller skating experience.

Step 1: Visit Our Website

To begin, open your web browser and navigate to the registration page of the website.

Step 2: Navigate to View Subscriptions and Offer

Look for the link located on the top left corner of the page and click on it. This link will take you to the gift and discount pass options.

Step 3: Pick your Product

You will find two option categories: "Gift Cards" and "Discount Passes." There is a difference:

  • 1. Gift Cards- This is a dollar-for-dollar product that is great for gifts! It is similar to a gift card.

  • 2. Discount Passes- This is where you can save some money! When you purchase School of Skating credit in bulk, you can save! This product is great for skaters who plan to take multiple classes or who will be attending in big groups.

Note: When you buy either of these products, you will receive a unique code. This code can be shared!

Complete the Purchase After selecting the gift option, proceed to the checkout page to complete the purchase.

Provide the necessary billing and shipping information, and review your order to ensure accuracy.

Make the payment to finalize the purchase.

How to Use Your Code

When checking out on our registration site, select your class, then when you are on "Your Information", click this button at the bottom of the page to enter your code:

You've successfully applied your discount code! The savings will be reflected in your final total. Now you can enjoy your roller skating experience at a more affordable price!

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