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Learn with us!  We don't just show off what we do, we share it too. Whether you are a total newbie or looking to become a pro, we have an instructor for you. 

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 Meet your teachers 

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Artistic Skating Specialist

Jackie is the founder of Ignite On Wheels and a life-long skater. She teaches all levels and ages and loves to share her 20+ years of skating knowledge with the community. Her specialty is figure roller skating, or Artisitic skating. Outside of the rink, she is a Austin Realtor brokered by EXP Realty, adventurer & owner of an adorable cat, Sir Robbie.



Fundamentals Instructor

Annaliese is a gymnastics coach turned skating instructor. She shares her knowledge of balance and the body in your teachings. Her focus is on helping skaters master the basics and build confidence on wheels. She is also a jam skater in her own practice who is building her professional skating portfolio.



Jam Skating Specialist

Darryl is an expert Jam skater who has skate both professionally and competitively for over a decade.  He can teach all levels, but has a love for teaching jam skating skills and designing routines. Outside of skating he is an incredible portrait artist and general creative.



Fundamentals Instructor

Stephanie loves to teach the fundamentals to newbies and beginners. Skaters can expect to learn the basics with her all the way up to backward skating. Outside of teaching skating, she teaches art to children at school and is an avid two-stepper.



Jam Skating Specialist

Dre is an full-time movement artist who break dances on and off skates. He teaches all levels of skating and excels at breaking moves down to the fundamentals. He is a staple in the Austin break dancing community and hopes to inspire people of all ages and levels to stay strong and active. 

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 Choosing your level 

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 Learning Services 


Group Classes

Group Classes happen regularly (typically weekly). We currently offer the following classes:

  • The Basics

  • Intro to Flow

  • Artistic Flow

  • Synchro Skating


Private Lessons

Private Lessons allow skaters to get one-on-one time with an instructor. They are most useful for children who are just getting started on skates or anyone looking to get specific feedback. 

  • Annalise & Stephanie teach Newbie & Beginner level private lessons.

  • Darryl & Jackie teach intermediate and advanced level private lessons.


Workshops & Intensives

Workshops typically only happen once and are designed to focus on one style or one trick.

Similarly, Intensives only happen once. Though unlike workshops, they may to cover multiple disciplines/tricks and as the name suggests, they are indented to push participant boundaries.

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