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Disco Ball
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 About Us 

Skaters, Entertainers & Creators.

IGNITE is more than a collection of epic talent. We are a group of Austin-based skaters who believe in living with passion and supporting each other.


The founder, Jackie C. initially formed the company to hire skaters alongside her as her over decade long pro-skating career continued to grow. In the process she found her tribe of over a dozen creatives. We consist of teachers, artists, designers, tech nerds and each of us is utterly in love with roller skating. 


"Ignite" was chosen for the name because the goal is to ignite something new in the skating community, set our passions ablaze and light up the imaginations of our clients and onlookers...

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Disco Ball


Brand ambassador

Would you take a flier from a baddy on roller skates? Imagine our talent skating the streets with YOUR promo goods. It is a unique and eye catching way to promote an event or share sample product with the masses. 


Roller girl vibes all day, any day. Spruce up the photo-booth with some roller-dancers. Have us welcome guests or glide through the venue for some subtle roller magic. We love dressing up for some go-go skating. Mood is everything.


Picture this: Dancers... but on ROLLER SKATES. Yes, you read that right. Our team loves to put on a show. We don't just dance in unison. We  BREAK DANCE, stunt, spin, cartwheel & a lot lot more. Sound exciting? It is. Whatever your theme, we would love to put our spin on it (pun intended).


More than skaters. We are creators & collaborators looking to produce and be part of innovative content. We do it all: Prints, Videos & VR. We can show up on set or create a set of our own to make your content.

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We'd love to hear from you.

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