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Youth Roller Skates-What to Buy & When to Upgrade

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Let's get your kiddo rolling! The skates you get for a kid depends on how tiny their feet are & their level.

A. Toddler & Small Child Starting Point. Newbies.

These aren't really skates, but they are great for introducing toddlers and small children to the idea of being on top of wheels. If your kiddo likes the concept, they will get used to these in 1-2 weeks. Expect to upgrade in 1-2 months if they stick with it.

B. Newbie-Beginner Child. A Starting Point.

These are what we would call toy roller skates. They lack some of the features of a higher level skates, but they are great for kids who are testing out skating or expecting a growth spurt over the next few months. A kid can learn most of the basics of roller skating in these, though at some point these skates will make it difficult for your child to learn certain skills (edging, spinning, jumping, transitions...). Expect to upgrade on their next growth spurt or in 2-6 months. Note: The Riedell Wave is somewhere between this level and the next level.

C. The Next Level Up #1stUpgrade

You child is committed! YAY! These are real roller skates that your child will be able to use for learning skills up to the intermediate level. You'll be able to slowly upgrade these one part at a time, if needed. Expect to upgrade after 1-2 years.

SIZING HACK: If the skate you are buying is not adjustable, but you know your kid is growing, buy the skates 0.5-1 size too big. Add an additional insole to the skate and have them wear thick socks to fill the extra space.

FINAL NOTES: These are just some of the options out there. When looking at skates for newbies and beginners, we highly recommend going with a high-top boot.

We hope you find this helpful!

If you are in the Austin Area, join us for a skating class or private lesson!

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