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Booking Your Skate School Group Classes: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you excited about joining skate school and honing your skating skills? The first step in your journey is to book your classes. This simple guide will help you navigate the process & give you some special tips for special cases.

2. Click "Book" next to Group Classes.

3. Find the Class for You.

4. Click 'Book' once you've made your selection.

5. Specify the Number of Attendees (Book More than 1 skater!)

6. Choose the Date & Time.

7. Optional - Select Recurring (Book Multiple/Recurring Classes!)

8. "Continue" to Booking.

9. Provide Your Contact Information.

10. Redeem Coupon, Package, or Gift Certificate. (Use your code)

11. Click "Pay Now" & Enter Payment information.

12. Confirm Your Payment

13. Set a Reminder.

Booking your skate school classes is quick and easy. Get ready to roll into an exciting world of skating adventures!

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